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Our Duties 

We are aware that organizing a party may be a real pain! Some so-called pals may make you insane. We're here to make things simple.


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Booking Services

Planning a party can be really difficult. Some 'friends' could drive you mad. We're here to simplify things.

Your Private Event 

Host a party at your home? Attending a event venue for a bachelorette party? For your upcoming major private event, our handsome male strippers will appear at your door.

Divorce Party

This was a lesson rather than a loss. Because your marriage gives you so much more in terms of personal growth. We are pleased with how much better you are now. In your honor, with a special guest of honor.

Male Revues

Our sexy strip show will astound you with its creativity. Our stars are prepared to give you the time of your life with two hours of magnificent, well-coordinated acts by men.

Feeling Random??

You and your girls deserve a special experience, so we've taken the hard out of thinking in our brief time together.

Bridal Party 

We as a business take a lot of satisfaction in making her last night the best night. It would serve as the grand finale prior to the real day.

Common Questions

  1. Commonly Asked Question

How long do we have the Entertainer?

According on participation and tips, all of our private stripper parties last 45 to an hour. No matter what, you are guaranteed 45 minutes with the strippers unless you specifically request a shorter period.

3. Common Question

Tip Minimum 

Although we do not enforce a minimum tipping requirement, we do think that gratuities are very much appreciated and that the stripper or strippers deserve them for a job well done. The typical tip is $20 per person ($150 min per crowd of 6 of more in a local event. Feel free to leave more for a job well done.

2. Commonly Asked Question

Costume Request 

On the booking form, there are several different costumes to pick from. If you'd like a costume that our male stripper for hire company does not provide, you can either make an advance payment to us directly or have the costume ready when the male stripper or strippers arrive so they may change before the party.

  1. Commonly Asked Question

Does the Entertainment comes with his own music?

Our profession performers has a solid record of providing there on music and sound to gather maximum energy for the best experience. 


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