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I woke To this

Epiphany: remind to talk to a family member after this. So there were 4 young men that I remember clearly modeling and idling growing up in New Orleans, thats from New Orleans. The first was family member in my opinion was killed before his time. However If God wouldn't have brought me home. I might have been right behind him. The main gift I received from him was his work ethic and his drive to be better than yesterday. He was never satisfied with being average and always looked to exceed the expectation of his pierce. The second one was also a family member that didn't really treat me like family from my perspective. I low-key fought for his approval because he was cool and I needed another male figure for my father and I wasn't at the best in terms as we are now. He looked to be one of the cool kids. Strong, handsome and at that time well spoken. He later on in life became a personal trainer, bodybuilder and father. Crazy how your idol become your rivals. The third guy. I actually cool with and I highly admired to this very day. Although he gave me a slight hazing he gave a little brotherhood friendship that he didn't owed. He inspired me that tattoos represents, the stories remind you of the things you over come and what your legacy should be. Although I don't reach out that much, he still. has an open line and whenever i'm home he welcomes me. Plus he can play the shit out of some basketball. The last guys isn't from New Orleans but bleeds black and gold. The lessons he taught me in value. I owe him more than any one else. we been friends for 20+ years. The main thing he told me. If one man controls your your income, then you are not a man. You want to used platforms so you can multiple sources of money. I was so hard headed and all this guy wanted me to do is be my own man. He wanted me to invest more in myself rather some one's corporation. Never judged me for becoming a dancer. Actually I believe, He marvel more on how it molded me as a man. than working for some big company. I'm a six figure earner for the first time in my life. Not by just being and entertainer but using my strong suits and intellect to form multiple sources of income to be a High Earner But NOT Rich Yet. #LILHENRY To God be the Glory. Moral of the Story is.... Blood doesn't always make you family, But over time God will Put the correct people in your place to put you on the right path.

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