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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

That’s why I love my imagination.

All too often my camouflaged associates and loved ones reveal slits in their armor.

Uncoiling the same identical eyes and agendas of my enemies

“A-1 from day” seems to be an abuse cliché, Penny from Good Times.

I mean an abused child that can’t escape iron burns of their previous generation’s rotten state of mind.

The ones including myself, guilty of only saying shit

Because they believe that the bullshit seems fit, for that situation.

One life you have to get used and use other for the advance of your legacy.

At one point of your life you will walk the path of an educator, a militant,

A student, victim, use-e and your user

No wasted breathes. The moments of rest are pauses to reflect how I made it.

When my acquaintances had no confidence me my visions and

Total strangers embodied my movement like Voltron.

So I push to Judas wrong, I encourage for Jane and John.

Although we will never meet face to face,

I honestly have no drive without you.

“Golden State of Mind”

Austin Blackwell

Multiple emotions just enter my psyche.

An idle mind is a devil's workshop. It feels like... like

I just have been kissed by Judas.

Catfished by kindness. Love and loyalty is not the same thing.

Teammates no long seeking for excellence once they make the team.

News flash! Your journey has just begun.

Opting out of contracts, innuendos of taking your talents to another place seems to be sexier.

When in your mind all you want is to be appreciated and celebrated at home.

Yes offers are there.

Another night in my lonely mansion. Is it worth it my sanity? Family? Fame? Financial freedom?

I thought I was complete.

("LeBron James")

Austin Blackwell 

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