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Repost. #poetybyme

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Poetry Corner.

Tbh. I wasn't built for this/ That's why I have my own swagger/ But I am artist/ that loves create/ I feast off the eyes on anticipation/ The re- moisting of lips (both pair) / As a veteran or newness takes witness of this new shit /focusing on this chocolate stallionaire/ built like a clyesdale that has a tattoo on his arm that says Handle da Business/ Plus that big ass mofo can do a split/ at that a bish/ Maintaining your attention like a Cq post show on facebook/ I has my body language has your face hooked/ music stop.... (flight 69) Now I need 20 women to put a dollar on right now because he just perform a goddamn performance for your ass. (Mo Betta) can I get a ooo shit, goddamn, if you want your pussy ate holla.

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