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If you want God to laugh your plans...

For most performers and entertainers this is the start of hot season. This is the time of the year, we're mostly exotic dancers and entertainers get the bulk of there bookings and opportunities to showcase to build or rebuild their brand. However the latest pandemic, the coronavirus has put a definite slow down on the platforms as well as a financial flow if not only the adult entertainers but employees, employers, contractors and workers across the world.

To be honest with you, as the moments build and the news produces more and more information, the more nervous I begin to get. I'm one of the ones that are guilty I'm not taking this virus not as seriously. However over the last 48 hours my Outlook has changed drastically. I have lost two weeks worth of bookings which easily equates too $3400. That ties in the closing of gyms from personal training, performances as well as travel expenses that was lost. Actually poses a similar threat are mood that I was going through with hurricane Katrina.

All I can do now is step back let the virus take its course. As well as keep my physical, mental, and intellectual health up to par. If there's a will there's a way. Now it's up to me to figure it out. Have a good one and a safe one be blessed and take care.

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